We’re Back

It’s been a while, but we finally have a new sighting to post. On Wednesday we caught Wu as his alter ego “Wonder Wu” celebrating Halloween on campus.

If you saw him too, please post your pictures or tell your story, we’d love to hear from you.



Wu waits for a White Castle.

WuShock and 1000’s of other White Castle burger-lovers waited in line Thursday for a bite of those tasty sliders. White Castle – which originally opened in Wichita in 1921 – partnered with Dillons to celebrate their 90th anniversaries together.

You saw who at Cowtown?

The last person you’d imagine seeing at Wichita’s Old Cowtown Museum, is WuShock. But for a couple hundred school kids (and a handful of cowboys), that’s exactly who they ran into on Friday. Apparently he was a tourist in his own hometown – soaking up the rich Kansas heritage that Cowtown offers. Looks like he had a rootin’ tootin’ good time too.


Wu loves Bob.

Life-long Shocker fan and PE teacher, Bob Jackson, declared Thursday to be “Shocker Day” at Earhart Elementary School – giving all of his students temporary WSU tatoos and encouraging them to wear their Shocker gear to school.

But what Shocker Day would be complete without a visit from Wushock? Wu surprised Bob and his students during their lunch hour today and got the fans excited for tonight’s NIT Championship Game.

Thanks Bob, for being a #1 WSU fan. It’s obvious your Shocker Fever is contagious!

Spring Wheat

WuShock was spotted in front of Jackson Elementary flying a kite and waving to the kids as they got out of school. I’m guessing Wu must have been out celebrating the start of Spring Break (or St. Patrick’s Day, with that nice green shirt he’s sporting.)

Squirrel Appreciation Day – January 21

Wushock and his squirrel friend, Merle, were seen on campus today “spreading the love” to WSU’s furry friends. Believe it or not, January 21st really is Squirrel Appreciation Day. And we LOVE our campus critters!

Karen Newton, from the Registrar’s office, is affectionately known as the  “Squirrel Lady.” She feeds them regularly by Jardine Hall and even has a very convincing squirrel “chatter” call that gets their attention.

A wheat’s holiday treat.

Everyone, including WuShock, knows that the place to be in Wichita at Christmastime is the Nifty Nut House. He stopped in over a busy lunch hour, and found sweet, salty & gooey goodness around every corner. As well as a few merry Shocker fans, loading up on holiday snacks.

The owners of the Nifty Nut House even got “sweet” with Wu and gave him a kiss sandwich. This town is nuts for great candy, and a great mascot.

Wu’s Here N’ There.

And apparently at Kay’s This N’ That.

Shocker Spotter, Jamie K., sent these photos to us last week. He was costume shopping at Wichita’s best-known novelty shop and ran into WuShock. It appears Wu is either going to dress up for Halloween as Tom Selleck, a cowboy or an opera singer.


Word on the street is…..WuShock chocolates can be found at Cocoa Dolce! Looks like Beth Tully just made a new best friend.

A big, yellow welcome.

The WSU campus came to life today with the first day of fall semester classes, and Wu was out to greet his fellow Shockers.

There were lots of hugs, plenty of high-fives, and Wushock found a new lunch hot spot at the RSC: Sushi. Extra wusabi, please!